Improving crack resistivity in Al alloy
pressure vessels by FSW

A.W.A. Lenin, P. Nagaraj, G. Lincy
Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
2016; 79 (2): 54-58
ICID: 1231057
Article type: Original article
Purpose: Fuel or oil transmission pipelines are made with light metal alloys to prevent
corrosion and to provide a better safety record. This is achieved by the combination
of perfect design, selection of materials and functioning practices. However, like any
engineering structure, these lines also fail occasionally. Major cases of such failure it induces
due to external interference or corrosion or due to manufacturing defects; so such of defects
if they were detected before failure and that can be treated to avoid failure or the life time
can be improved.
Design/methodology/approach: In this study an aluminum alloy sample with micro
crack was treated with FSW process with ZN powder. And studies were carried out against
both treated and untreated samples with cracks.
Findings: From the studies it is clear that FSW treatment over surfaces will reduces the
crack initiation in light metal alloy structures. The process can be done before or after
Research limitations/implications: The results were recorded and suggested FSW as a
best process for crack treatment in Al alloys. Especially in pressure lines or pressure vessels.
Originality/value: Friction stir welding (FSW) is a solid-state metal joining process. This
is energy efficient, ecofriendly, and versatile light metal joining technique. In particular,
high-strength aerospace aluminum alloys can be welded by using this technique. This will
produces high harden joints in light metals as just like conventional arc welding techniques.
It is considered as the most significant research development in light metal joining.

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