Effect of induction hardening of
Fe-C-Ni-Cu-Mo-B metal matrix composites
by powder metallurgy for gear production

T. Gün, M. Şimşir, F. Özaydin
Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
2016; 79 (2): 49-53
ICID: 1231055
Article type: Original article
Purpose: In this study, mechanical behavior of iron base (Fe-0.8 C-2.0 Cu-1.5 Ni-X Mo-Y
B (%wt.), x=0.6, 1.2 and 1.8; Y=0.2, 0.6 and 1.0) metal matrix composite (MMC) by powder
metallurgy was investigated for gear production. Effect of Mo and B elements on surface
hardness, density and microstructure of the composite samples.
Design/methodology/approach: MMC has produced by warm compaction method
followed by free sintering in controlled Ar gas atmosphere. Green composite has produced
under 650 MPa pressure at 160ºC temperature. The green products have been sintered
at temperature of 1150ºC and 60 min sintering time. Hardness test have been conducted
before and after induction hardening. The microstructure of the samples have been
examined before and after induction hardening under optical microscopy.
Findings: The results have showed that the highest surface hardness has been obtained
X=1.8 and Y=1.0 composition. Addition of Mo and B elements does not affect on the density
of the sample.
Research limitations/implications: The ability of induction hardening to composite
material has been investigated.
Originality/value: The studies were carried out in experimental composition with warm
compacting method.

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